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Unlock your potential with our ancient wisdom and modern nutrition science.

We are INYU

What We Are

Welcome to INYU, a health and wellness brand committed to creating natural and safe nutritional supplements that deliver powerful results. Our first line of products is a range of gummies that offer a convenient and delicious way to meet your health and wellness needs.

At INYU, we’ve combined ancient ayurvedic knowledge with modern science to create innovative nutritional supplements. Our time-tested formulas are made in an FDA-approved facility, ensuring quality and safety for our customers.

We offer a range of gummies for various health benefits, including skin and hair problems, stress, and anxiety. Each variety is packed with appropriate vitamins to address specific concerns and deliver maximum benefits. Our gummies are powerful, and doses are just one per day, making it easy to get the nutrition you need.

We believe in providing the best of both worlds to our customers, combining the power of natural ingredients with the science of modern nutrition. Our vitamin gummies are not only natural and powerful, but also healthy and yummy.

So why wait? Take just one bite a day to support your health and wellness journey with INYU.

Why Choose Us

All Natural

Our gummies are made from natural and safe ingredients only.

100% vegan

We do not use any animal-derived products, making our gummies suitable for vegans.

Allergen & Gluten Free

Our gummies are free from gluten and common allergens, making them safe for all.

Gelatine Free.

Our gummies are made with natural fruit-based pectin, making them gelatine-free.

How INYU Evolved

meet Reeti

Meet Reeti, the founder of our company. Though she has a technical background, Reeti has founded this company out of her passion towards wellness. As a modern generation woman, She understands the importance of health supplements for today’s busy people who are constantly juggling work and home responsibilities. They need extra care and an added dose of vitamins to address their daily health issues, improve their core immunity, and make them stronger.

Reeti’s vision is to provide a daily dose of vitamins in a tasty and fun way, making it easy for todays men and women to take care of their health. Her goal is to build a society with healthier and happier folk who can live their lives to the fullest.

With this vision in mind, our company is dedicated to creating nutritional supplements that are both effective and enjoyable to consume. She believes that good health should be accessible to everyone, and we strive to make our products affordable and convenient. We have created a range of gummies for both men and women.

Join us on our mission to build a healthier and happier society, one person at a time.

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